Wednesday, October 2, 2013

CrossFit: How it changed the Training Game Forever

CrossFit has not only made better athletes out of everyday Johns and Janes.  In my opinion it has especially stepped up the game for the quality of Coaches and Trainers out there.  (If you have no idea what I'm talking about go to immediately!)  As a personal trainer and CrossFit Coach, it has made me look deeper at technique, mobility, programming and my idea of thinking outside the box.  I have explored modalities that I did not practice before Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics that have made me a much better all-around athlete and coach.  I have learned much more through watching videos of Kelly Starrett and Carl Paoli than I have every learned from any national certifications I have paid for.  I believe CrossFit has set the stage and drawn the line between good coaches and bad coaches.  If you are honest with yourself you can't get away with Coaching CrossFit without living it and studying it everyday. CrossFit has given the opportunity for great coaches to shine and demand that coaches are always on top of their game.  Sure there are also bad coaches in CrossFit just like in big box gyms, but my hope is that more athletes begin to learn from their own experiences and are able to appreciate their coaches when they come across the good ones.  Do your research and ask questions.  (to be continued)
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