Friday, September 25, 2009

Don't go to the gym without them...

Have some of these? Before you head out to the gym for your next workout consider stopping by your local sports store (Paragon Sports, Modell's or even Target's sports section) and checking out the workout gloves. Gloves are not only for serious body builders. They come in all sizes, colors and different types of materials so make sure to scope out which ones feel the most comfortable. Try them on at the store before you buy them!!! Don't be intimidated. Not all the gloves of the same size are the same. They can vary depending on the brand so...yes try them on! You want to make sure that they feel snug in your hands and not too tight or too loose. Gloves will not only prevent you from getting painful blisters and/or rough calluses on your hands but will also improve your grip, giving you better control and a safer workout.

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