Monday, September 12, 2011

35 years...35 exercises, classes or events

In celebration of my 35th birthday coming up on 9/13 I've decided to try 35 new exercises, classes or other outdoor physical activities I've never tried before....I'm open for suggestions I'll keep you posted on all my adventures through my training Facebook page at Gael Guevara, CPT

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Gael Guevara said...

I started my mission to complete my 35 events in celebration of my 35th year yesterday with a pilates mat class at the gym Equinox where I work on 17th street. It was different and challenging in different ways since it's not what I am used to doing but I guess that is exactly why I'm doing this. This was my first time doing the class but I did a pilates private session using the reformer and other machines I can't remember the names for right now but they were no joke and a bit intimidating. I sat in the back of the class and tried to keep up with all the poses and switches remembering to breath as best I could. I got through it and felt humbled left with much respect for all pilates practicing people out there. On to the next adventure!

Event # 2 and #3 out of 35 - Well this weekend was full of new and exciting new events. I recently joined the New York Outrigger Club that runs off of Pier 66 Boathouse located in the Hudson River Park along the West Side Highway. This Saturday I tried an OC-1 for the first time which is a one person outrigger - super light and fast, it was awesome! I'm totally hooked!!! I also did a back to back paddle session this weekend starting off on Saturday with a paddle with the OC- 6 with other club members. We went from Pier 66 to about Pier 90. It was also my first time sitting on seat 3 which calls out the switches which keeps you on your toes because you have to keep track of your stroke count. Then today we went out on the three OC 6 boats and a couple of folks who took the OC1s and we went all the way out to the George Washington Bridge for about 10 miles. Great sense of accomplishment this weekend! Couldn't think of a better way to start off a beautiful day in New York City, High of 82, no chance of rain, smooth sailing :)

Today I completed task #4 out of 35 events from my birthday challenge. I went to the Black Box NYC on 26th St. for a introductory Crossfit class. I didn't know what to expect but it was good to go down there and learn first-hand what kind of environment and culture motivates people to practice this sport. If you like the competitive edge and pushing yourselft to your limits, I highly recommend trying it out. For our workout, they had us do 2 tabata circuits with 8 rounds of 20 secs. work to 10 rest of body-weight squats to hips below parallel and full-range pushups for the same time. You can only score your lowest rep range of all the rounds so I got a 17 on my squats and a 7 on my pushups. Black Box NYC has not see the end of me. I Will be Back!