Sunday, October 11, 2009

Max-OT Cardio ? An Introduction

Max-OT Cardio ? An Introduction

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Putting Max-OT Cardio to Work For You

Now it’s time to rev up your metabolism and spend less time doing it. Less time plus more effort will equal greater results. Greater results in less time – as Ted Nugent would say, “Ya gotta like that!” Below is an outline of Max-OT Cardio high points.

Max-OT Cardio is performed for 16 minutes.

Max-OT Cardio is performed on a Recumbent Bike, Stair Climber, or any device that will allow for maximum intensity to be exerted safely and without the need for excessive balance or skill. If you can’t perform your cardio with maximum intensity without the possibility of falling off, tripping, etc. then it’s the wrong type of exercise for Max-OT Cardio.

Max-OT Cardio is performed with an “Interval” setting. This allows for intermittent resistance levels during the 16-minute sessions resulting in greater overall energy output.

Each Max-OT Cardio workout is more intense than the one before. Two ways to increase the intensity on a Recumbent Bike are to increase the resistance and/or increase the pedal RPM. Technically this is measured in wattage output. Intesity is measured by distance traveled and calories burned.

Intensity! Max-OT Cardio is always performed using maximum intensity and effort.

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